CIB report help

CIB audit report overview

CCAP electronically transfers case disposition information from the Clerk of Circuit Court offices to the Crime Information Bureau (CIB). CIB is also notified if a case whose disposition was transferred is sealed and/or expunged. This web site can be used as an audit tool for the Clerk of Court to verify the information has been successfully transferred to CIB. This web site can only verify the information was delivered to CIB; it cannot determine if CIB successfully processed the information. This web site should be used regularly to search for any case dispositions or reporting of sealed or expunged cases that were not transferred electronically to CIB.


There are two ways to search for information: by Date range or by Case number. Based on the search option selected, different search criteria are available.

The Date range search allows searching for case information that was electronically sent to CIB using the following criteria:

  • County - select your county from the drop down list.
  • Auto fill/Date range - select a preset time period using Auto fill (Today, This week, Last week, This month, Last month) or customize your search using Date range.
  • Date range - use the date range search to enter your own date range. A built-in calendar date chooser is available with the Date range field.
  • Case type - select the case type(s) to determine if information was transferred to CIB. Available case types include CF, CM, CT, FO, and TR.
  • Case status - select Disposed to search for cases where dispositions were transferred to CIB; select Sealed to search for cases that have been sealed and the reporting of the seal has been transferred to CIB; select Expunged to search for cases that have been expunged and the reporting of expungement has been transferred to CIB.
  • CIB status - select Exported and/or Not exported to view whether case dispositions or seal/expunge information was sent to the Crime Information Bureau. By selecting Not exported, you are searching for information that did not meet all the qualifications to be sent to CIB. For example, a charge missing an ATN, arrest date, and Booking Agency ORI will not have the case disposition transferred to CIB.

The Case number search allows searching by case number for case information that was electronically sent to CIB using the following criteria:

  • County - select your county from the drop down list.
  • Case number - enter the circuit court case number.


The search results contain separate sections for each option selected in "Case Status" and "CIB Status" sections. For example, if you checked "Disposed" and "Sealed" in the Case Status section and "Not exported" in the CIB Status section, you would receive 2 separate lists of information: "Disposed/Not exported" (the cases that were disposed but not transferred to CIB) and a separate list for "Sealed/Not exported" (the cases that were sealed but not transferred to CIB).

The total number of cases in each section is listed. For each case, the case number, case type, disposed date, time queued (to be transferred to CIB), time sent (to CIB) is displayed. Charge-specific information (charge number, charge description, ATN, arrest date, agency number, and booking ORI) also displays if you click on the blue "Expand all" link underneath the list title or the "Show details" link at the end of the result row.

If you want to quickly review information about this case, you can click on the blue case number link and the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA) web site view for that case will display in a new browser window or tab.

Before a case is disposed, verify you have the ATN or the combination of arrest date and Booking Agency ORI entered on the charges and defendant's date of birth entered on the party record for the case disposition to be sent electronically to the Crime Information Bureau.

After the case is disposed, if you enter the ATN or the arrest date and Booking Agency ORI, the case disposition will be electronically sent to CIB at that time, as well as seal or expunge information, if applicable.

What to do when a record is not exported

If a case appears in a "Not exported" list (which indicates CIB did not receive disposition or seal/expunge information), click on the "Show Details" link at the end of the row and check for the following items:

  • If an ATN (arrest tracking number) is missing from one or more charges, review the case file and/or check with the sheriff's department to find the ATN. Then in Case Management enter the ATN on the charges where an arrest occurred.
  • If an ATN is incorrect in Case management, remove the incorrect ATN from all affected charges and save those changes. After the incorrect ATN has been removed (and all affected charges no longer have an ATN on them), go back into the charges and add the correct ATN.
  • If there is no ATN, check for the combination of Booking ORI + Arrest date + Defendant's date of birth (DOB) on the charges/case. If one (or more) of these 3 items is missing, review the case file and/or check with the sheriff's department to add the missing information into Case Management.
  • Go into case management and make sure there is a Responsible Court Official on the case. If there is not one, review the case file and add the correct responsible court official on the case.

After adding or changing information, a new record will be created for transferring to the Crime Information Bureau. It will have the current date for the "Time queued" date and immediately appear in a "not exported" list. Wait approximately 15 minutes for the new record to be transferred from CCAP to CIB and check the web site again. If the record is still not transferred to CIB, call CCAP Support (800-422-7137) for additional assistance.